Alumni Comments 2019

**R.L. from 2019 Nanjng Program:

I want to thank you for this incredible opportunity to teach Chinese students and visit China. Both personally and professionally, this experience has expanded my view of the world in ways that I could not have imagined. As a teacher, by watching and learning from my fellow American teachers--especially Lewie and yourself--as well as my very positive interactions with the Chinese Teachers allowed me to learn new techniques and strategies to use with my students at Waverly High School. Also, as a global educator, I gained valuable new perspectives about the system of education in China that I will share with my circle of colleagues from around the world. And the children! How inspiring it was to meet and teach these bright, caring and polite students and listen to their hopes and dreams. Working with these students, as well as students in Lansing, Michigan and other students I have visited around the world, affirmed my belief that the future is a very bright and we have very good reasons for optimism for our global future.

This was such a valuable experience, I would like to "talk it up" in my circles and refer the most outstanding teachers I know for future programs. I cannot tell you how life changing this experience is and I want others to have a chance to come to China with you, teach their hearts out, and return a better teacher and ambassador for the Chinese Children.

Finally, I am not sure that I mentioned this, but I wanted to let you know that the week before coming to China, I accepted the National Teacher of the Year Award from the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect at a ceremony in New York City. This annual award is given to an American teacher who "inspires the next generation of humanitarians through their example of fostering awareness and combating intolerance." Without question, the opportunity to work with Chinese children and teachers added significantly to my ability to do the educationally focused human rights work that I do. The perspectives I gained will allow me to further advocate to bring people together so, as I stated in my application, we can build a future based on respect and understanding and not on fear and isolation.

Thank you again for this life-changing opportunity. I hope that we can stay in contact in the future.

**C.S. from 2019 Suzhou Program:

I had a wonderful second year experience. The organization of the program was excellent as was the management of the program on the school site. All tour guides were professional. Tom did a great job just like last year and the tour guides in Xi’an and Beijing were superior to the previous year. The hotels were great. The hotel in Shanghai had replaced the carpet with a laminate that was clean. The hotel in Suzhou was very nice and good for an extended stay. The hotel in Xi’an was vastly superior to the one last year.

Advice to future teachers: This is China not the U.S. You need to roll with the ups and downs. It will be hot, you will need to use squat toilets, and you will be eating Chinese food. The tour guides cannot alter the times of the tours so don’t ask. If you have a problem with this, stay home. If you are older (I am 62), you should check with your doctor to see if you have the strength and stamina to handle this. You also need to have an adventurous spirit to have a great time. I have had two great years and plan in the future to return.

**M.H.from 2019 Nanjing Program:

The program was very well organized and I felt very informed each step of the way. Tour guides were all great. The hotels were fine for me. I prefer a tile or wood floor as the carpeting sometimes seems dirty, like in Nanjing.

Suggestions/advice for future teachers:

  • It's ok to focus on content-based learning, as compared to language or grammar-based. The lower elementary teachers felt successful doing books and activities from their regular classes in the States. Upper elementary dis very well with content-specific materials. Teach them something you're passionate about and learn about their perspectives.
  • Always have at least 2 days' worth of clothes and things in your carry-on. Checked luggage is susceptible to loss, so be proactive.
  • This is tons of fun. Remember that things may go as planned or not. Either way, you're coming out alive and with fabulous new experiences.

**T. W. from 2019 Suzhou Program:

The organization of the program as a whole was wonderful. This was my second year and I am always amazed at how easily and safely such a large group can travel across China and back.

The management at the school site was very good. They were very accommodating to our wants and needs. They were well organized and had our work areas set up before we got there. If we needed extra items such as paper or copies, they supplied them. Charlie was a huge asset to us and quickly became a good friend to every one of us. He made sure we had what we needed for teaching but also would take us on outings around Suzhou for movies, eating out, and shopping. He quickly became one of us and we invited him everywhere we went. We still stay in touch on WeChat.

Advice to future teachers:

  • Things are going to be different, just expect that. Everyone has their own ideas and opinions on what to do, just go with it. It is a large group. Some days you will do things you want to do, other days you won’t. If you make the best out of all situations, you will discover fun no matter where you go.
  • Also, speak up and make suggestions of alternative places to go and see. Your suggestion might spark an idea in others.
  • Talk to your doctor before you go and get a prescription of antibiotics to take with you. You may need them for bronchial issues and it’s easier if you have them on hand. Don’t forget other medication, too, such as Ibuprofen, Gas X, anti diarrhea meds, cough & cold/flu. It’s better to have them and not need them than to need them and not have them.
  • I also take some granola bars and trail mix with me to munch on just in case I need a snack or didn’t eat too much of lunch/dinner.
  • Pack an extra suitcase of school supplies that you would use in the classroom and give the leftover supplies to the teacher at the end of the program. Then you will have an empty suitcase to carry all of your purchased items back home without going overweight.

**L.S. from 2019 Nanjing Program::

I have nothing but positive comments about the organization of SCTNTP! In the beginning, a wonderful outline of the program was provided. It was long, but it was very beneficial to read from beginning to end. I suggest reading the material when you can devote your attention to its content. I found it helpful to highlight the pertinent information. Week by week, additional material and questionnaires were provided. I appreciated this because it wasn’t overwhelming. There was a lot of information to communicate and receiving it on a weekly basis made it very easy to manage, organize, and plan for the trip. Lewie’s webinars before the trip were great! They were broken down into specific topics and not overwhelming. He answered many questions I had, and this allowed me to have the supplies needed for the trip. Thank you, Lewie ! Our tours were well planned, and they were as I expected. The tours were outlined on our itinerary and I knew what to expect each day. Estimated times at each touring location would have been useful to understand the length of each day’s events.

J.J. was a fantastic tour guide. I don’t think there could be a better one! He guided us and provided a great deal of information about the areas we traveled. He provided us with his phone number and answered many questions. In short, J.J. took great care of us! The other guides were good too! We didn’t spend as much time with them, so we didn’t develop the relationships like we did with J.J.

Suggestions/advice for future teachers:

I have several key pieces of advice to offer to future teachers.

  • Remember, you get out of the trip what you put into it. You should have an open mind, try new things, meet new friends, and take in every moment because the experience will be over before you can really think about it.
  • You should be prepared for long, hot days, traveling and working with fellow teachers with different ways of life or views than your own, and the conveniences you enjoy at home.
  • Forget the full make-up face and beautiful clothes. Comfort is the key!
  • It is mentioned in the orientation packet, “Don’t over plan.” I spent countless hours preparing the best lessons possible, before and after grade level assignment. I had awesome PowerPoints, books, songs, games, and activities. To my surprise, my students were much more advanced than I expected.
  • I suggest gathering the things you will use, meet your students and evaluate their skills, and then put together your rocking lesson plans! You’ll find some of the brightest students in your classroom. It’s amazing the English these students know!

Thank you for the experience of a lifetime!

**R.M. from 2019 Nanjing Program:

Organization of the program in general was OUTSTANDING! The book provided beforehand by Sally as well as the wealth of information on the website and the webcasts were VERY helpful in planning. I really felt like there were no big surprises in China because I had read so much beforehand and went in prepared.

Management of the program on the school site was excellent. I felt so cared for when I got sick and my Chinese co-teachers were both excellent. I appreciated how hard the school staff worked to make our lives easier as well as enhance our understanding of China.

**S.B. from 2019 Nanjing Program:

Incredible organization!!! Very well done.

I was fine with all of the hotels. I’m used to far worse accommodations when I travel. I’m truth however, the hotel in Nanjing could use a remodel soon, but it was still better than what I’m used to.

I’ve gotta say that this experience is one of my top five traveling experiences. I got to see a side of China that very few people get to see. Anyone can buy a ticket to go see the Great Wall of China but I got to see China’s kids up close and personal.

**J.A. from 2019 Suzhou Program:

Thank you for the opportunity this past summer. I really enjoyed the program and learned a lot about China and its educational system. This was a lifetime experience I will never forget.

The organization of the program in general was great. They treated us so well. Anything we needed they provided.

Tom was great. He went above and beyond to make sure our tour experience was exceptional. Most people wouldn't have done what he did. Lisa in Beijing was also very informative and helpful.

I didn't have any issues with the hotels. I travel a lot and I know being in different countries expectation are not the same as the US. Sometimes you just have to go with what we had. I was grateful for the experience. The Hangzou and Xian hotels were the best.

Suggestions/advice for future teachers:

Bring Raffle tickets and prize for students. They loved them. Bring lots a hand sanitizers. You never know when you will need them.

**D.Z.from 2019 Nanjing Program:

Organization of the program in general was great! This made it possible to see everything desired in China while also getting to teach.

Management of the program on the school site was great! I loved teaching in Nanjing and felt supported by everyone involved.

Suggestions/advice for future teachers:

Teaching essentials:: The kids love American candy. Pack plenty of that. And two fly swatters that are durable. As well as planning and purchasing tickets/stickers for rewards. Otherwise you can buy almost any and all materials at the Walmart so if you haven’t already made a lesson plan for the materials you are bringing, don’t bring it. The work room will have almost everything you need from previous teachers.

Touring essentials:You really only need 2 pairs of shoes: sneakers and some type of comfortable walking sandals. My croc sandals were a godsend, but others had Chaco’s which were equally as comfortable. Ladies, sundresses will save you. Versatile sundresses for touring the cities and teaching will help you pack lighter. Gentlemen, shorts and t-shirts for touring and a few polo’s for teaching. It is just so hot there. Some exercise clothing as well as many of the tour sites involve extensive walking and you will sweat.

I read many suggestions such as peanut butter, banana chips, granola bars, oatmeal. I did not find any of these necessary as China is a well-developed country with tons of walkable locations to find snacks. Anything you need you will be able to find at a local convenience store (toothbrush, soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc.)

Things you will not find at a convenience store: Excedrin, Tums, hand sanitizer. Bring plenty of that.

**F.O. from 2019 Nanjing Program:

Suggestions/advice for future

  • Bring a jar of Nutella and peanut butter, breakfasts are sometimes very exotic and if you don't have the stomach for new food, or the same 2-3 western options at the hotel first thing in the morning, especially during teaching, these items will save your life. Sliced bread can be purchased in the country.
  • Download WeChat before you leave the country! It can be impossible to download and verify once you are in China if you don't have data.
  • Find a way to get data, either with a sim card purchased through amazon or through your carrier.
  • Download google translate and within that application download the Chinese dictionary. You can accomplish a lot by simply typing messages and having locals read it rather than trying to pronounce words/phrases.

**S.H. from 2019 Suzhou Program:

I want to start off by thanking you for including me in this great program. It truly was an amazing and life changing experience for me. I learned so much about Chinese culture, which helped me to not only grow as a person, but as a teacher as well. I really enjoyed working with the kids. They were so enthusiastic about learning, which I found to be refreshing at this point in my 15-year career. I will plan on taking all of the experiences that I had and bringing them to my staff and students here at Spring Valley High School. It was a wonderful experience that really changed me as a person and as an educator, so I just want to again thank you for that opportunity.

The program was very well organized. Everything from the hotels, meals, and schedule in general seemed to flow very smoothly. Even the two weeks at school seemed to go by pretty flawlessly. Everything at the school was set up for us upon arrival. I enjoyed working with my Link teacher Tina. Charlie (the assistant) was extremely helpful to us both at school and back at the hotel.

Suggestions/advice for future teachers:

  • Not every hotel has washcloths. In fact, many places don't even understand what a "washcloth" is. You might want to bring your own or a shower puff.
  • Save pictures of foods and other common items on your phone. Translator apps don't always work and a lot of the menu items are in Chinese with no pictures available, so pointing to a picture of a food item would be the easiest way to navigate eating out at restaurants.
  • Don't count on the Internet (it is probably 2G at best). The Internet often didn't work even with Wi-Fi, so most of the time I used my phone just as a way to take pictures and not much else. A lot of us also struggled to get the VPN to work as well.
  • The food is pretty much the same at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so you might want to bring a variety of snacks like crackers, peanut butter, granola bars, etc. Grab fruit from school or the hotel breakfast when possible to add some variety.
  • Bring lots of medicine for upset stomach and diarrhea. Our bodies aren't used to the bacteria there and many of us got food poisoning at one point or another. Try to stick with foods that are cooked and not raw.

**V.B. from 2019 Suzhou Program:

Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your amazing program. We had so many wonderful experiences, saw beautiful places, met great people, and were immersed in Chinese culture and the people. It was truly an adventure of a lifetime, and I appreciated everything. I was out of my comfort zone many times, but I believe that with reflection, it builds character and allows you to see the positive. I loved having my daughter, Christi, with me so we will be able to share the memories; good, difficult, fun, happy and everything in between.

In general, the organization of the program was excellent. The management of the program at school was also excellent. Mr. Mao worked so hard to make us feel welcome, important, and meet everyone’s needs. Charlie was amazing and worked tirelessly to meet everyone’s requests. He was so helpful, patient, and fun. I give Charlie high commendations for all he accomplished during the program. Elena also worked hard to give suggestions, offer training, and help with daily situations. All of this positive support allowed the teachers to be successful and enjoy the time in Suzhou.

The tour guides were outstanding! I have high respect for the job that each tour guide did. They made a difficult job look easy and bent over backwards for each teacher. Tom was great and tried so hard to meet everyone’s needs, especially in Beijing with the hotel difficulties. Lisa was professional and told some great jokes. Both guides were very informative and interesting.

The hotels were good, but the Xi’an hotel was outstanding for comfort, cleanliness, and beauty. Thank you for trying so hard to make our accommodations wonderful.

Advice for future teachers:

  • Please read all of the information and ask questions before committing to this excellent program. This is truly an adventure of a lifetime, but you need to work hard and be committed both before and during.
  • Everyone tries very hard to make the teachers feel supported, professional, and valued. Please leave your complaints at home.
  • This is not a vacation that you plan and expect everything to go your way and in your timing. You sign up for this program and should follow the rules and expectations.

**C.S. from 2019 Nanjing Program:

Thank you so much for this opportunity!!! I loved every single day. I really appreciate all the work you did to make this happen. I've loved sharing about my experience with others. I will try to recruit some more teachers from the east coast for you =). Fingers crossed I can come again next summer!

Everything was very well organized! We knew exactly what to expect, well in advance! Also, the itinerary remained consistent with what happened leading up to and on the trip.

I didn't have any problems at all on the school site. Both of my co-teachers were lovely and I felt like I had the supplies/materials I needed to be successful and comfortable.

Suggestions/advice for future teachers

They should take advantage of this experience! It was incredible!

**K.P. from 2019 Nanjing Program:

The organization of the program was extremely helpful in terms of knowing what would be expected. The webinars helped, but in most cases, if you read the packet that was provided, the information was already covered. If it wasn’t in the packet or the webinar, there is a good chance it was covered by a previous participant.

The management of the program on the site was well done. Flexibility really is key. This is a major undertaking with many moving parts. Understand that situations are fluid and you will be okay.

The tour guides, for the most part, did an outstanding job. In some cases, some teachers wanted to go off on their own to explore various sites, which is perfectly understandable. Most of the tour guides were good about giving us a time and telling us when to meet back, which was greatly appreciated. Some of the hotels were better than others, but I understand why. It is what it is and I didn’t let this impact my enjoyment of the program.

For future teachers, the key things I would stress would be to be flexible and understanding, drink lots of water, and take some alone time when you need it

I had a great time and would have no reservations about participating in this program in the future and would highly recommend it to others.

**J.J. from 2019 Suzhou Program:

The Program in 2019 was extremely organized again including transportation, hotel accommodations, and tours. Management of the program on the school site was excellent. The school site and Mr. Mao always made sure that the American teachers were taken care of. I became sick with digestive issues and medicine was issued to me within one hour on site. Lunch, snacks, water, and soda were provided daily to the American teachers. Thank you.

Our tour guides were very knowledgeable and efficient. Tom went above and beyond to find me a portable cell phone charger when my former charger died.

Suggestions/advice for future teachers:

  • Bring mosquito repellant. There are many mosquitos due to the humid climate.
  • You are not in America. Please do not complain about the food and how people live. When you apply for this program, please educate yourself in advance with the fact that the culture, foods, belief system, and way of life are very different than America. Embrace, enjoy, and go with it. This is an opportunity of a lifetime and great chance to assimilate to a new culture! The people in China are extremely respectful and happy to see Americans. They often ask to take a photo with you. This is very common there.
  • Participants are educated professionals representing America and should dress as such. I realize the climate is very humid, however, we are still teaching students and should represent professional dress on our days of teaching.

**B.O. from 2019 Nanjing Program:

The organization of the program was phenomenal. We were taken good care of day in and day out. The school was also great in terms of organization. It couldn't have been more smooth. The tour guides were awesome, especially JJ. He was very patient and helpful throughout the entire trip.

My advice for future teachers would be to not stress the lesson planning portion. I was very overwhelmed with not knowing if I was planning too much or too little before the trip and found that once I got with the other teachers and we all shared our resources together it was a breeze. And there is PLENTY of lesson plan time once you are there. I would recommend just creating a stockpile of resources you think you might use to make a lesson (videos and pictures) and focus on oral language games.

Thanks again for everything. It was an amazing experience!

**G.M. from 2019 Nanjing Program:

I had a wonderful time and will treasure everything we did. The kids, the culture, the wonderful was all fantastic! The only regret was how sick so many people were, that was really unfortunate. I don't have any serious complaints at all. The hotels were to be expected and I fully understand that there are plenty of constraints that need to be met. Each one had its plusses and minuses. Frankly, everything went really well to me. The guides were great, always positive and helpful. There was so much to see and do each day. The school/teaching was really great, I was very impressed with how hard the students and Chinese teachers worked. I liked everything we did. (The food was wonderful, too. I put on 5 pounds!!!)

My only suggestion for future teachers is to download subway/metro maps of each city before they go. Having a map to navigate with and plan from would be very helpful.

I think all the information you and Lewie provided was exactly accurate and essential. It sure was on point for me. I went with few expectations and was so pleased at every turn. It would be really neat if my Chinese students could spend a week or 2 with my students in the States. I think it would be a great experience for everyone, teachers too.

Anyway, two thumbs up for me. Thanks again for the opportunity. All the best to you.

**M.P. from 2019 Suzhou Program:

I thought the program was very well organized. All of the school staff was wonderful and helpful as usual. Everything at the school was very well organized.

I think it is so important for people to read through everything in the materials and handbooks before, so they will not be surprised when it is HOT, when there is a lot of walking, and when the lessons are expected to focus on oral language.

I love the program, and I LOVED teaching K!. I would love to go back. Please put me on the list.

**C.N. from 2019 Suzhou Program:

Thank you so much for the opportunity to teach at the Suzhou International Language School. China was so much more than I expected: more beautiful and more interesting, with amazing people.

Highlights of the trip were Xi’an warriors and the city wall, the Great Wall, Lingyin Temple, and the Pearl Tower in Shanghai.

Overall, the best parts of the trip were the quality of the English teachers that I worked with, working with Mr. Mao, and the students in our classes. The students were typical children, some very excited to learn and improve and some that acted out because they didn't learn as fast or their English was't as good as their classmates, but you get that everywhere you teach. Their smiles and hugs when they were finished with the day, was always a highlight.

My time in China was an incredible experience. I will always treasure the memory of the people I met, the friends that I made, and the beautiful country that I saw.

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for everything you do to make this program run as it is a beautiful and enriching program for teachers and students! I loved my time in Suzhou and I plan to return next year.

**M.R. from 2019 Suzhou Program:

I was very pleased with the program. I appreciated all the timely e-mails about the application process, paperwork, visa applications, and flight arrangements. I felt like at any time I had a question that I could reach out via phone call or e-mail and receive a quick reply.

At the school site I felt supported with anything I needed from materials to translation. I didn't have any problems at the school site because everything was managed so well.

All our tour guides were amazing! Tom went out of his way to answer questions and help us find any services or products we needed. Our tour guides were all knowledgeable and informative when it came to our tour locations. The guides were willing to arrange extra tours for those who were interested.

Suggestions/advice for future teachers

My suggestion to future teachers who are new would be to pair up with a teacher who has gone before and have a phone conversation with them about the program, the teaching experience, travel suggestions, and packing suggestions. This could possibly be arranged as a mentor program.

**L.K. from 2019 Nanjing Program:

The program was incredibly well organized. Sally’s itineraries and emails ensured that we knew exactly what to expect and were well informed about travel throughout the program. At times, it felt like we were over-planned and didn’t get enough time to explore some of the cities on our own. It would have been nice to have more free time, especially toward the end of the trip.

The school site was like a well-oiled machine. I greatly appreciated the many amenities offered to foreign teachers. The classroom teachers that I worked with were fantastic. I thought that we were provided with fantastic prep for our teaching and had many useful resources available to us in the teacher room. It would be helpful to advise future teachers to work closely with their grade level teaching peers so that they can collaborate on planning and resource gathering prior to the trip!

Suggestions/advice for future teachers:

  • Collaborate with your grade level peers! They will be crucial for your planning and resources during the teaching part of the trip. All of the teachers coming into the program have such incredible experience and perspectives, so take advantage of this as an opportunity to learn from other educators! This goes for collaboration with the Chinese educators as well. They are incredible sources of knowledge and experience.
  • Try to sit with someone new on the bus every day. It’s easy to get into a routine of sitting in the same seat, with the same people. You’ll learn so much from everyone on your trip that it’s fun to spend your bus time meeting someone new. There’s lots of bus time throughout the trip, so spend it wisely.
  • Be open to new foods, experiences, cultures, and people! There is so much on this trip that will be completely new and unexpected, so the importance of keeping an open mind can’t be overstated.
  • Bring some clothes you won’t mind donating or throwing away toward the end of the trip. This creates extra space in your luggage.
  • Bring small travel-sized tissue packages (always keep one in your bag—many bathrooms won’t have toilet paper!)
  • Make sure you have enough space in your luggage for souvenirs and gifts from students. You will come home with more than anticipated.
  • Take lots of pictures and journal about your experience. You’ll be doing so much every day that it will be impossible to remember it all!

This was an awesome experience. I have already recommended it to so many educators at my school!!

**C.B. from 2019 Suzhou Program:

The school took wonderful care of us! Everyone was so kind and made us feel very welcome during our time there. The link teachers were particularly helpful in providing guidance about the kids or general questions regarding the school.

The program was such a life-changing experience that opened my eyes to the beauty of cultural immersion and the joy of teaching, especially when breaking down linguistic barriers between you and the children! Everyone who contributed to the success of the program was so gracious to the teachers and I cannot stress how many precious memories I have from this summer that will be cherished forever!

Suggestions/advice for future teachers:

I honestly do not know what more you can do to stress the importance of being physically in shape, but it astonished me how many people were not prepared for the demands of traveling. If you are not good with heat and exercise, then the trip will be miserable and one person’s negativity can bring the whole group down!

**Z.N. from 2019 Nanjing Program:

I'm deeply grateful and appreciative of this wonderful opportunity. This is a unique, once in a lifetime opportunity to experience Chinese culture, education, cuisine, historic landmarks in a well-organized, supported environment. If you are an educator even mildly curious about China, this is a must!

**A.S. from 2019 Nanjing Program::

Suggestions/advice for future teachers:

  1. I recommend getting WeChat set up before leaving the US.
  2. It’s fine to set up a WeChat group, but have one on one conversations in a separate smaller chat.
  3. Complain in private.
  4. Slower and louder doesn’t work. Pantomime might, but be patient, and be willing to ask someone else for help—POLITELY PLEASE
  5. This is China. It is understandable that you will eventually crave a burger or some pizza, but don’t complain about what has been so proudly offered to you. And while you’re here, consider trying something new. Several people tried the Turkish restaurant and really liked it. Pizza Hut every night isn’t giving China a chance.
  6. At school, TALK TO YOUR CHINA TEACHER! She can’t help you if she doesn’t know you have a problem. Step 2 is go to your support teacher, if you simply cannot work it out with the teacher on your own. Step 3 is talk to Sally if the support teacher can’t help. Complaining to every other American teacher does NOT help!
  7. Don’t wait for death to come knocking before letting Sally know you don’t feel well. You are putting your health at risk, as well as spreading whatever you have to the rest of the team! Don’t be afraid of the Chinese healthcare system.
  8. Please ask others before sharing all over your social media...several times I saw pictures or video being put online. This is something I am trying to instill in my high school students, too. Ask people before you post.
  9. Don’t eat or drink on the metro. And now—no audio without earphones! And be prepared to get really cozy with others, especially at rush hours.
  10. Do some research. Read a book. Get familiar with the culture you are heading into.

**A.O. from 2019 Suzhou Program::

I was very satisfied with the organization of the program during the tours and when we were teaching. Tom was amazing during the tours. He would always go beyond my expectations, trying to keep everyone happy. Charlie at the school was awesome as well. He did an amazing job trying to cater to all of our needs. He was also very personable.

Management of the program on the school site was awesome just like last year. They were helpful while I was setting up my classroom. In the International School the staff was very personable and helpful every step of the way. If I wanted/ needed something for the classroom, they always tried their best to make it happen.

I loved our tour guides, I had the pleasure to tour with Tom last year and was so happy to have him back this year. He tires so hard to give everyone on the option to do as much as possible in our tours. Tom did an amazing job to keep his cool and cater to all of our needs. He is an amazing tour guide.

The main advice I would tell future teachers is:

  • Do not pack too much. There is so much to buy in China.
  • Buy multiple zip drives and have a backup of your backup.
  • When preparing for teaching, have plenty of different lesson plans and instructional types. For example, have folders of songs, games, video clips, stories, plays anything that you could add them to your lesson plans.
  • Printing there is difficult.
  • Bring all kinds of teaching supplies that you might not think you could use (you will be surprised).
  • Be prepared if your electronics do not work
  • Pack light, dry fit clothes that can dry quickly. Expect to always be wet or sweaty
  • Try to keep in mind that you are in a different Country, which is a culture shock. If you know you might not eat the food every day, bring alternative snacks, and keep hydrated.

I loved my experiences the last two years. I am just so thankful for this opportunity. Thank you again!